Love, Lies & Records

Love, Lies & Records

Series 1 - Episode 4



Rick, Kate’s persistent suitor and work colleague in the registrar department at Leeds City Hall, won’t leave her alone. After declaring last week “I’d like to roll down the bank with you” (don’t ask) he’s now pushing Kate to dump her husband.

It’s all about that quickie Kate and Rick shared in the strongroom, the one caught on camera and now flying through the ether on various memory sticks, being delivered to all and sundry. Kate (Ashley Jensen) is worried her cop husband has seen it, though it’s a presumption backed by little evidence.

There’s so much going on – adultery, murder, sham marriages, gay marriages, blackmail, wedding vow renewals, transgender politics – sometimes it’s hard to take a breath.


Kate is horrified to discover that spiteful colleague Judy has sent Rob a flash drive containing the incriminating footage. Her only hope is to destroy the USB stick before stick before he sees it - but that proves easier said than done. Meanwhile, the registrars prepare for the raid on Kristina and Amir's wedding - a case that takes on increased urgency with the discovery of another young woman's body. Kay Mellor drama, starring Ashley Jensen, Rebecca Front, Adrian Bower and Charlotte Emmerson.

Cast & Crew

Kate Ashley Jensen
Rob Adrian Bower
Judy Rebecca Front
James Mark Stanley
Rick Kenny Doughty
Talia Mandip Gill
Anna Rochenda Sandell
Tom Rhys Cadman
Joanne Victoria Bailey
Olivia Sally Carman
Dominica Katarina Cas
Sarah Claire Cooper
Anne-Marie Charlotte Emmerson
Eddie Steve Evets
Kristina Gaja Filac
Jean Clare Higgins
Ramin Jonas Khan
Amir Noof McEwan
Marcia Leila Mimmack
Lucy Lily Mae Pickering
Mrs Featherstone Eve Robertson
Thea Lizzie Stavrou
Immigration interpreter Akira Hasegawa
Director Cilla Ware
Producer Yvonne Francas
Writer Kay Mellor
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