Digging for Britain

North - Vindolanda

Series 6 - Episode 3 North - Vindolanda



I never fail to smile when I watch Digging for Britain’s “Dig Diaries”. Every so often, the diggers slowly and painstakingly uncover something truly special from an otherwise unprepossessing piece of mud. This week, in a report from the Roman fort of Vindolanda beside Hadrian’s Wall, there are grins all round at one particular “Excalibur moment”. You can quite understand why.

Elsewhere, some small finds – bits of glass, iron slag, stone tools – unearthed in places ranging from Orkney to Newark, offer enticing clues to the lives of the people who once lived on our islands. Sometimes they can even overturn ideas that have held sway for centuries, such as the traditional enmity between the Romans and Picts.


Alice Roberts joins archaeologists in the North as they uncover writing tablets, swords and domestic items left by Romans at Vindolanda during a time of British rebellion, before finding traces of a long lost monastery and pilgrimage site on the Scottish island of Iona. Meanwhile in the east of Scotland, a weapons hoard belonging to a wealthy Bronze Age warrior is unearthed.

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Presenter Professor Alice Roberts
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