My Son: The Serial Killer

My Son: The Serial Killer


Real-crime documentaries inherently concentrate on the perpetrator and how the victim and their close relatives have been affected. The killing of five Ipswich prostitutes by Steve Wright in 2006 has been covered a number of times in this way. But here, for the first time on TV, the father of "the Suffolk Strangler”, Conrad Wright, speaks about his son and gives a deeply personal insight into one of Britain’s most notorious cases.

We also see a chilling interview with Paula Clennell just a few days before she was murdered by Wright; the irony of her words is desperately cruel: “If you need the money badly, it’s better than going out thieving.”


A documentary examining one of the UK's most notorious criminals, as Steve Wright's father Conrad offers his deeply personal insights into the horrific crimes his son committed. Steve Wright, dubbed the ‘Suffolk Strangler', murdered five women who worked as prostitutes and dumped their bodies in the countryside around Ipswich in 2006, and was jailed for life in 2008. The programme also features an exclusive interview with Isabella Clennel, the mother of one of the women brutally murdered by Steve Wright, as she opens up about the impact her daughter Paula's death had - and continues to have - on her family.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Ian Rumsey