Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

Series 2017 05/12/2017



Kirstie Allsopp loves Christmas; “It’s my favourite time of year. I go massive… food, decorations, presents… more is more.” In a twinkly, tinkly episode Allsopp gets crafting, cooking and cocktail mixing.

Apparently “diorama baubles with magical scenes” are very in this year, and they are easy to make. Just take an empty mint tin and get going. “Give them as presents,” she trills. Er, thanks. Didn’t you see the marked-up Tiffany catalogue I left lying around…?

It’s a gentle hour of escapism, even if some of the crafting projects are incredibly labour-intensive. Particularly a brass tree-top fairy that involves lots of delicate sawing around templates. Just buy one instead.

But Allsopp and a quartet of little helpers from a local primary school have fun making wrapping paper using potato-printing and old hacks will swoon at a letter press printer’s beautiful cases of type as he makes a seasonal poster.


Kirstie Allsopp features craft and recipe ideas, including a handmade fairy of dazzling detail and delicate diorama baubles, a recipe for salmon, a cocktail masterclass, and some Scandinavian baking. Plus, hand-printed wrapping paper, ceramic birds and bespoke Christmas cards.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kirstie Allsopp
Director Ed St Giles
Executive Producer Sarah Walmsley
Producer Tom Cara