The A Word

Series 2 - Episode 5



Alison is still struggling to deal with Paul’s anger and detachment, both of which came out of nowhere after he confessed he almost kissed waitress Sophie.

She’s puzzled about why her husband has suddenly become so unhappy, but maybe the answer lies in their autistic son Joe. After doctor Nicola makes a film of Joe to show to her colleagues, Paul (Lee Ingleby, who’s excellent) becomes angry and defensive. Possibly on behalf of his son, but almost certainly on behalf of himself.

It’s such a moving episode, as Paul’s honesty, what he really feels about Joe’s autism, is powerful. Alison (Morven Christie) feels alone and sad, and a little bit lost.


Paul's feelings about Joe's autism emerge when Nicola makes a film of his son's behaviours - causing Paul and Alison to confront some difficult truths. Meanwhile, Maurice makes a shocking proposal.

Cast & Crew

Alison Hughes Morven Christie
Paul Hughes Lee Ingleby
Eddie Scott Greg McHugh
Nicola Daniels Vinette Robinson
Joe Hughes Max Vento
Rebecca Hughes Molly Wright
Maurice Scott Christopher Eccleston
Louise Wilson Pooky Quesnel
Emily Scott Emelia Rae Levy
Ralph Wilson Leon Harrop
Mark Berwick Travis Smith
Sophie Berwick Lucy Gaskell
Holly Anna Koval
Dr Graves Daniel Cerqueira
Stuart Ralf Little
Waiter Hamza Siddique
Tom Clarke Matt Greenwood
Ella Fiona Luo
Ramesh Ibrahim Ismail
Maisie Scarlett Hodgson
Bill Hibbs Harrison Newell-Parker
Director Luke Snellin
Producer Jenny Frayn
Writer Peter Bowker
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