Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

Mark Hamill, Roast Beef & Caesar Salad

Series 5 - Episode 3 Mark Hamill, Roast Beef & Caesar Salad



Mark Hamill is remembering how he and Harrison Ford ordered spotted dick at a restaurant called the Hungry Horse when they were making Star Wars. You don’t get that with Nigella. But Jamie’s pulling power means a visit from sci-fi royalty turns into an enjoyably knockabout occasion on the Southend Pier café.

Hamill does a lightsaber impression with a whole horseradish and makes Yorkshire puddings that could “sink the Death Star”. There’s also a brilliant recipe for caesar salad using brined chicken, and this week Jimmy’s slightly daft-looking DIY “make” involves cooking whelks in a wheelbarrow. It’ll never catch on.


Jamie and Jimmy feel the force as Luke Skywalker pops in for roast beef and Yorkshire pud. There's also Caesar salad and a seafood feast.