Extraordinary Teens

My Gay Life

Series 1 - Episode 1 My Gay Life



When this film opens, Billy is 11, living with his parents in West Sussex and about to go to secondary school. He came out to his mother Dee as gay when he was seven but his father Rob is uncomfortable with the decision. “He refuses to accept who I am,” says Billy. Rob says, “I don’t believe he is gay: I don’t believe you can decide that until you’re 16 or 17.” 

The cameras follow how the family dynamic evolves and fractures as Billy goes through adolescence, gets boyfriends, has piercings and buys ten-inch heels to wear to his prom. It’s a striking tale of growing up gay.


A family saga for our times, shot over several years, this film charts what it is like growing up gay in modern Britain - showing how what you do today affects what happens tomorrow