Story of a Scar

Series 1 - Episode 9 Story of a Scar



The stress of trying to make a dishonest buck is telling on our 1980s California dreamers. The good news is that the narrative motor shifts up a gear for the final two episodes of the series, or as one character puts it, “Bi’ness is rampin’ up.”

Franklin (British actor Damson Idris – a star to watch) and his crew are doing nicely from the crack trade they have brought to LA, but there’s one person a teenage drug kingpin can’t keep lying to for ever: his mother. And the reckoning between them that the series has been building to arrives.

Elsewhere, the Latino storyline goes nicely Godfather-y, and CIA agent Teddy looks for a new source of supply.


Franklin discovers that it was Lenny who came after him, and is forced to fight back or lose everything. Lucia is powerless to stop Ramiro taking over everything she and Oso have created. Louie has some home truths for Cissy, and Teddy persuades Alejandro to leave town - giving him the chance to set up a new deal with the Colombians.

Cast & Crew

Franklin Saint Damson Idris
Teddy McDonald Carter Hudson
Gustavo `El Oso' Zapata Sergio Peris-Mencheta
Lucia Villanueva Emily Rios
Alejandro Usteves Juan Javier Cardenas
Leon Simmons Isaiah Johnson
Pedro Nava Filipe Valle Costa
Jerome Saint Amin Joseph
Aunt Louie Angela Lewis
Cissy Saint Michael Hyatt
Ramiro Jose Zuniga
Jules Peta Sergeant
Claudia Crane Judith Scott
Melody Reign Edwards
Victoria Justine Lupe
Ray Ray Markice Moore
Director Meera Menon
Writer Jerome Hairston
Writer Leonard Chang
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