Classic Holby City: Honour Thy Father

Classic Holby City: Honour Thy Father

Series 6



Ed is horrified to discover the true extent of his father's heart problems and goes behind Tom's back to get a second opinion. The death of a patient affects Diane deeply and she gives Ric a hug to console herself, but he misreads the signals and tries to kiss her. Ramon Tikaram of This Life fame guest stars as the boyfriend of a woman brought in with a rare heart condition.

Cast & Crew

Gil Waverley Ramon Tikaram
Ed Keating Rocky Marshall
George Keating Garry Cooper
Tom Campbell-Gore Denis Lawson
Diane Lloyd Patricia Potter
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Kate Lewis Rachel Pickup
Zubin Khan Art Malik
Chrissie Williams Tina Hobley
Lisa Fox Luisa Bradshaw-White
Jess Griffin Verona Joseph
Claudia Marsh Antonia Bernath
John Smith Gordon Mounsey
Director Michael Offer
Producer Michael Offer
Writer Stuart Morris
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