Never Teach Your Wife to Drive

Never Teach Your Wife to Drive

Series 1 - Episode 1



Three men set out to teach their partners the rules of the road, while state-of-the-art in-car cameras record events including blazing arguments and near misses, and the drama and mayhem of the lessons puts added strain on their relationships. At 32, Kat Fleming-Scott is a late starter at driving, but her husband Chris's map-reading leaves a lot to be desired when he gets them hopelessly lost in Liverpool, while Weymouth mother-of-four Lauren Foster has lessons from her spouse Adam, who believes men are much the better drivers. Meanwhile, Nathan Phillips is a worrier and when partner Laura Whitfield becomes overconfident behind the wheel, he begins to show signs of regretting his decision to teach her.

Cast & Crew

Director Kristin Hadland
Director Barney Snow
Director Chester Dent
Producer Kristin Hadland
Producer Barney Snow
Producer Chester Dent
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