Television Gets Real

Series 1 - Episode 1 Television Gets Real

Mon 28 Sep 1pm - 2pm Sky Documentaries
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Mon 28 Sep, 7pm - 8pm NOW TV Sky Documentaries


This survey of the American decade (exec produced by Tom Hanks) begins with a fascinating look at changes in television. Watching as a Brit, it can seem a bit blinkered, with All in the Family (based on Till Death Us Do Part) hailed as ground-breaking, and I, Claudius introduced as a PBS series. But otherwise there’s no faulting its assertion that this was when US TV “got real” and exceedingly good.

While shows like M*A*S*H and Roots are given their dues, there’s also acknowledgement of the public’s need for the nostalgic The Waltons and Happy Days. Oh, and the trashy escapism of “jiggle” TV – which I’ll leave to your imagination.


Documentary examining the American politics, culture and historic events during the 1970s, beginning with a look at how TV was revolutionised with the rise of innovative children's programming as well as the arrival of Monty Python, Saturday Night Live and Monday Night Football.