Best Walks with a View with Julia Bradbury

Anglesey - The Coastal Walk

Series 1 - Episode 1 Anglesey - The Coastal Walk



If ever a presenter had a spring in her step, it’s Julia Bradbury. Her love of walking across our isles with a camera crew has powered her through a string of likeable, gently informative series. And if you’ve seen any, then the pattern here will be familiar: Julia strides forth, in this case along a gorgeous stretch of coast in Anglesey, and pauses for brief encounters along the way.

She chats to a mussel fisherman, a Land Rover enthusiast, and some brothers who run a gastro-café. But the title makes a promise and this first episode delivers: the views across the Menai Strait are glorious.


The presenter explores scenic Britain on foot, beginning in north Wales where she heads out beside the Menai Straits overlooking Snowdonia. During the trek, Julia seeks out the lost prototype of the first ever Land Rover, which locals believe may be buried in the Anglesey sand-dunes where its inventor first put it through trials almost 70 years ago. The expert walker also discovers why Prince William and his wife have a soft spot for the romantic St Llanddwyn Island, home to the Welsh St Valentine. Finally, she meets mussel and oyster pickers, getting to taste their wares in a sunset beach picnic.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Julia Bradbury
Director Eric Harwood
Producer Eric Harwood
Series Producer Alexandra Dutton