Nature's Miracle Orphans

Monster & Africa

Series 2 - Episode 2 Monster & Africa



At a rescue centre in Costa Rica, presenter Patrick Aryee meets a woman who lives in a specially adapted sloth-friendly house, a sloth nursery basically. One animal is her “soul mate” (the wildlife workers in this series are full-on in their affection), an 18-month-old called Monster who was nursed back to health after losing her mother.

Patrick joins in as Monster is put through a tough-love boot camp to prepare her for release. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, Lucy Cooke helps to train a terrific pair of lion cubs to hunt, using ingenious dummy prey made of grass and leaves with meat stuffed inside.


Patrick Ayree watches an orphaned sloth learn the skills needed to survive in the wild in a special `boot camp', while Lucy Cooke meets two lion cubs that are learning to hunt.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lucy Cooke
Presenter Patrick Aryee
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Producer Rowan Musgrave
Series Producer Karen Beland