George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Series 5 - Episode 5



George meets a couple with a steadily expanding brood that has rapidly outgrown their narrowboat home. The pair are reluctant to give up their river-based lifestyle, and are on the market for a much wider Dutch barge. However, following through with their plan would mean sacrificing room height, leading to the development of a radical solution. He also visits a family planning to transform a dilapidated swimming pool into a sunken garden room, and heads to a Second World War decontamination bunker that has found a new lease of life as a luxury dwelling. Plus, the presenter's German road trip continues as he take in a futuristic lakeside house with sliding doors that provide an impressive view.

Cast & Crew

Presenter George Clarke
Executive Producer Will Daws
Executive Producer Stuart Cabb
Series Director Christian Kehoe
Series Producer Jamie Wightman