Nature's Miracle Orphans

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Santino & Shelley

Series 2 - Episode 3 Santino & Shelley



Cheetahs in southern Africa and howler monkeys in central America this week, in a series that mixes cute gambolling nicely with practical conservation. The star is Santino, a howler monkey who needs to learn how to climb trees and eat leaves. His devoted handler Dexter will be bereft when the little man finally graduates from Costa Rica's Jaguar Center.

On the cheetah front, we learn that these big cats' babies have cunning ways to avoid predators. Their cute, spiky, silvery fur looks scary to other animals, while their birdlike chirps give the impression that no cheetahs are present at all.

At the business end of the episode, how do you stop water getting through a harpooned turtle's punctured shell? Bathroom sealant.


Lucy Cooke meets a conservationist who trains cheetahs to return to the wild, and Patrick Aryee visits a Costa Rica rescue centre, where a howler monkey is about to join a troop.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lucy Cooke
Presenter Patrick Aryee
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Producer Rowan Musgrave
Series Producer Karen Beland