The Last Seabird Summer?

Living with the Birds

Series 1 - Episode 1 Living with the Birds



Ornithophobics look away now, this study of seabird decline in the North Atlantic features thousands of puffins, kittiwakes, gannets, razorbills, shags and guillemots flocking the desolate Shiant Islands in the Outer Hebrides.

Puffin lovers will also need to look away during scenes of Icelanders hunting, killing and butchering the doleful-looking auks. Presenter, writer and keen birdwatcher Adam Nicolson certainly has his qualms when he’s handed the still-twitching body of a dead puffin.

Nicolson has an intimate relationship with the birds that return to Shiant each summer, and in the first of two films he celebrates their resilience, investigates why their numbers are dropping and explores primal traditions of seabird hunting.


Part one of two. Documentary following Adam Nicolson and the seabirds of the Shiants, a cluster of Scottish islands in the Outer Hebrides. As the puffins, guillemots and razorbills arrive from far out in the North Atlantic, Adam traces people's long history of dependence on seabirds - thousands of years of collecting eggs and hunting the birds for meat, oil and feathers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Adam Nicolson
Contributor Stuart Housden
Contributor Davide Scridel
Contributor Phil Taylor
Contributor Bob (Robert) Furness
Contributor John Baldwin
Contributor Roddy MacLeod
Contributor Donald McLeod (Dolishan)
Contributor Donald Morrison
Contributor Maggie Sheddan
Contributor Donald Murray
Contributor Harpa Porey Sigurdardottir
Contributor Sigurdur Henningsson
Contributor Jim Lennon
Contributor Dave Dutton
Contributor Penny Holiday
Executive Producer Andrew Palmer
Executive Producer Nigel Pope
Series Director James Nutt
Series Producer James Nutt
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