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Fatal Error - Part One

Series 30 - Episode 25 Fatal Error - Part One



Nurse Lofty looks like the world's saddest puppy as he stands by a shrouded figure and murmurs, “I let you down, I'm sorry,” at the start of a two-part story.

So who is expired under the sheet? We find out as the episode rolls out into flashback, with docile Lofty reluctantly being shoved by Dylan into running the nursing staff during a busy day in the emergency department.

Lofty (Lee Mead) is hopeless; far from assertive and prone to being distracted by the personal lives of patients. (“Anything you tell me is in confidence.” Really?) He's too forgiving of an incompetent agency nurse and his day is strewn with irreversible errors.


Part one of two. Lofty struggles with the pressures of his new position when he is asked to run the nursing team for the day. He manages to secure a small victory by removing a disruptive patient from the premises, but his actions backfire when the same patient is brought back to the emergency department with a life-threatening injury. Things only get worse when a silly mistake causes an agency nurse to receive a shock from a defibrilator, and the error appears to leave Lofty's career in tatters. Meanwhile, a miserable Big Mac tries to apologise to Noel for his deception, but when Louise attempts to get to the bottom of his troubles, he misses another opportunity to tell the truth. Medical drama, starring Lee Mead.

Cast & Crew

Ben `Lofty' Chiltern Lee Mead
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Zoe Hanna Sunetra Sarker
Big Mac Charles Dale
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Jack Diamond Alistair Brammer
Kylie Baynes Nicole Abraham
Gary Rodwell Zebb Dempster
Liam Whyte Archie Rush
James Whyte Finn Monteath
Diane Stuart Catherine Skinner
Director Steve Brett
Producer Jonathan Phillips
Writer Matt Cooke
Writer Vincent Lund
Writer Mark Catley
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