The Brain with David Eagleman

What Makes Me?

Series 1 - Episode 2 What Makes Me?



"What makes us who we are?" is the question stimulating our synapses in this cerebral documentary, first shown in 2016. Dr David Eagleman whips through a range of case studies to glue together something approximating an answer. Everything we experience, he explains, alters our brain structure, meaning our identities aren't set in stone because we're constantly rewiring our minds in tune with our environment.

A band of drummers makes a cool analogy for how different states of consciousness operate; neurons firing in complex rhythmic patterns while awake, and at a more steady pace in deep sleep. As for the nature of consciousness itself, Dr Eagleman admits that neuroscience is still fumbling in the dark over that one.


The neuroscientist continues his exploration of the inner workings of the human brain, revealing how it gives rise to people's thoughts, emotions, memories and personality.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Eagleman
Director Catherine Gale
Director Toby Trackman
Executive Producer Justine Kershaw
Executive Producer Dan Oliver
Series Producer Jennifer Beamish
Writer David Eagleman
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