Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb


This one-off looks good on paper. The idea of Catherine Tate and Miles Jupp as a married couple in a saucy farce should work, and the best scenes are when they spark off each other. (“I like sex! Is that so bad?” she cries; he says he does too, and she corrects: “I think you prefer Newsnight…”)

They split up because she had an affair, but reunite by accident at the honeymoon suite booked for their tenth anniversary, because neither could bear to waste the deposit. From there, a heavy-handed script trades on crossed wires and coincidences involving escorts, a stag night and people not finishing their sentences.


Estranged husband and wife Anna and John attempt a reconciliation after her extra marital affair with a younger man. Anna checks into the honeymoon suite of a Stratford-upon-Avon hotel and her husband unexpectedly heads to the room a short while later. Unbeknownst to the couple, a 21-year-old man is lying comatose, semi-naked, in the bath, recovering from a rowdy stag do. What happens next will either make or break their marriage for good. One-off comedy, starring Catherine Tate, Miles Jupp and Sian Foulkes.

Cast & Crew

Anna Catherine Tate
John Miles Jupp
Sheila Sian Foulkes
Julie Kierston Wareing
Svetlana Milanka Brooks
Neil Steve Edge
Luke Dylan Edwards
Janet Penny Ryder
Henry VI Brent Phebey
Director Nigel Cole
Executive Producer Lesley Douglas
Executive Producer Simon Lupton
Producer Howard Ella
Writer Aschlin Ditta
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