Death in Paradise

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Posing in Murder

Series 5 - Episode 3 Posing in Murder



Humphrey’s inept efforts to learn how to attract the opposite sex are becoming a little irritating. Watching his gauche attempts at seduction just isn’t that entertaining – although his newish sidekick Florence seems to find them highly amusing. So perhaps it’s a good thing for us that he has another murder investigation to distract him.

A young British model is strangled backstage at a charity fashion show but her colleagues all have watertight alibis for the exact moment she died (don’t they always?) while photographer Jay (Paul Nicholls) has frame-by-frame documentation of what happened out on the catwalk. The “who, how and why” of these murder mysteries are almost irrelevant though. It’s the sun, sea and sand of the Caribbean backdrop to the murders that matters most.


A fashion show takes a chilling turn when young model Zoe Mackay is strangled just moments after leaving the catwalk, and while the crew and other models come under suspicion, they all have watertight alibis. To make matters worse, there are no witnesses or DNA evidence, the only clue being a single stocking clasped in the victim's hand. What does it mean - and how was her killer able to strike without being spotted? Meanwhile, Florence tries to help Humphrey improve his social skills with the opposite sex, and JP recognises one of the models as a school crush on at school. But will she remember him?

Cast & Crew

DI Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall
Officer Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
DS Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert
Officer JP Hooper Tobi Bakare
Nelson Benedict Jason Barnett
Zoe Mackay Hannah Britland
Rosey Fabrice Fola Evans-Akingbola
Sadie Mernier Elarica Johnson
Jay Croker Paul Nicholls
Eloise Ronson Heida Reed
Catherine Bordey Elizabeth Bourgine
Director Audrey Cooke
Producer Yvonne Francas
Writer Tom Higgins
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