Series 1 - Episode 2



There’s so much bar-room brawling and bare-knuckle boxing, we could all be forgiven for expecting John Wayne to amble into shot, possibly on a horse. Jericho’s resemblance to a western becomes even more acute in the second episode as the men and women of the Yorkshire frontier town, clustered around the building of a railway viaduct, live brutally pragmatic lives.

The stereotypes are in place – the lawman (Mark Addy) who strolls into the bar and shuts everyone up with his mere presence as he hunts the missing mine saboteur, and the brothel madam (Lorraine Ashbourne) who services the menfolk’s needs. By ’eck and giddy up!


Annie unwittingly allows railway detective Bamford, who is searching for Red Killeen, to get dangerously close to her family - and the secret they are desperate to keep buried. Charles holds a Whitsun fair, where a wrestling match threatens to expose Johnny as someone who had a hand in the missing man's disappearance, while Coates is also hiding something and goes to extreme lengths to prevent Bamford finding out the truth. Isabella makes Charles a startling offer to save the viaduct. Period drama, starring Jessica Raine, Mark Addy, Hans Matheson, Daniel Rigby, Clarke Peters and Jeany Spark.

Cast & Crew

Earl Bamford Mark Addy
Lace Polly Lorraine Ashbourne
Hatty Laggan Lucy Black
George Quaintain Samuel Bottomley
Joe Capstick Phil Cornwell
Alma Capstick Natalie Gavin
Martha Quaintain Amy James-Kelly
Epiphany Martina Laird
Devon Sam Paul Loughran
Dagger Tommy McDonnell
Johnny Jackson Hans Matheson
Ralph Coates Clarke Peters
Annie Quaintain Jessica Raine
Charles Blackwood Daniel Rigby
Isabella Lambton Jeany Spark
Lizzie Capstick Sophie Thompson
Davey Sharpe Stephen Thompson
Thornhill Richard Ridings
Hawker Tony Pritchard
Shay Darren Morfitt
Songbird John Tams
Navvy pickpocket Jodie Price
Whitsun singer Nancy Kerr
Director Paul Whittington
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Steve Thompson
Producer Lisa Osborne
Writer Steve Thompson
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