Room 101

Series 5 - Episode 1

Mon 24 May 7:40pm - 8:20pm Dave
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Tue 25 May, 12:20am - 1am Dave


“Let’s see what’s on the whine list,” says host Frank Skinner. This is the series where celebrities air their pet peeves, then find that Skinner has something sharper and wittier to say about what they’ve chosen. Being gently, brilliantly upstaged is a precondition of the show: guest David Tennant’s selection of his own South African accent for consignment to the vault is followed by an anecdote from Skinner about auditioning for a part that required an American accent, his only version of which was “Wild West old-timer”; another gripe about sushi is met with Skinner noting the resemblance between salmon sushi and Ed Sheeran. But Skinner’s one-upmanship makes for a droll half hour.


Frank Skinner returns with the light-hearted panel show in which three celebrities argue the case for having their pet hates banished for ever to the fictional room. In the opening show, the big names with an even bigger axe to grind are one-time Doctor Who and Broadchurch star David Tennant, veteran broadcaster Trevor McDonald, and actress, writer and comedian Aisling Bea. Sushi, flossing, pigeons, lateness and queuing are just some of the things that get this trio's backs up - but who will Frank decide has made the most persuasive argument?

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Aisling Bea
Guest David Tennant
Guest Trevor McDonald
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Producer Aoife Bower
Series Producer Adam Copeland
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