Midsomer Murders

The Incident at Cooper Hill

Series 18 - Episode 2 The Incident at Cooper Hill

Tue 31 Jul 8pm - 10pm ITV3
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Tue 31 Jul, 9pm - 11pm ITV3+1 Freeview


DCI Barnaby peers sceptically up at the sky. There has to be a rational explanation but it’s not easy to see what. Midsomer has been attacked by aliens.

Yes, it might seem unlikely, but in the opening we see for ourselves a forest ranger abandon her car on a country road as something looms overhead with a rush of wind and blinding lights. She’s found dead the next day wrapped in some kind of alien slime that even Cam, the new pathologist, can’t identify. Gangs of local UFO-watchers are going nuts. But as Barnaby says, “Why would an alien cross a galaxy to visit a small hamlet in the corner of England?”

Why indeed. Unless, perhaps, it’s not aliens? Unless, bear with me here, it’s a stew of local rivalries and betrayals boiling over after years of resentment? If so, Barnaby’s the man to sieve that stew.


Forest ranger Felicity Ward is blinded by mysterious lights while driving at night in the village of Cooper Hill and the next morning her car is found abandoned at the roadside, followed closely by the discovery of her body. Visiting UFO spotters in the village are convinced aliens are responsible, but as Barnaby and Nelson try to get to the truth, they unearth suspicions, betrayals and long-buried secrets along the way. Michelle Collins, Steve Evets, Alison Steadman, Steve Oram and Pip Torrens guest star.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon
DS Charlie Nelson Gwilym Lee
Nadine Campbell Michelle Collins
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman
Carter Faulkner Steve Evets
Nathan Tonev Steve Oram
Abigail Tonev Alison Steadman
Group Captain Jeremy Ford Pip Torrens
Victor Campbell Steve Toussaint
Dr Kam Karimore Manjinder Virk
Veronica Ford Sian Webber
Orla Campbell Tanya Fear
Sgt Yasmin Ali Sheena Bhattessa
Brogan Steele Alister Austin
Dillon Faulkner Lee Armstrong
Cath Jones Jennie Dale
Felicity Ford Belinda McGinley
Director Renny Rye
Executive Producer Jo Wright
Producer Phil Hunter
Writer Paul Logue
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