Changing Roles

Series 17 - Episode 10 Changing Roles



After Joe's uniform goes missing and the police station is broken into, Geoff admits his Panda car was stolen the day before. George suspects an old adversary of deliberately stirring up trouble. Elsewhere, Rachel reassures a witness in a high profile case he is safe under her care, but a neighbour becomes suspicious of her visits.

Cast & Crew

Doreen Crosby Hannah Storey
Alec Fletcher Steven Elder
Sgt George Miller John Duttine
Derek Gorman Aran Bell
Lord Charles Ashfordly Rupert Vansittart
Oscar Blaketon Derek Fowlds
David Stockwell David Lonsdale
Alf Ventress William Simons
PC Don Wetherby Rupert Ward-Lewis
PC Geoff Younger Steven Blakeley
DS Rachel Dawson Clare Wille
Olive Winstanley Beatrice Kelley
PC Joe Mason Joe McFadden
Carol Cassidy Lisa Kay
Peggy Armstrong Gwen Taylor
Gina Bellamy Tricia Penrose
Wally Buxton Paul Slack
Dr Chris Oakley Leon Ockenden
Tony Egerton Frank McGuire
Director Gerry Mill
Executive Producer Keith Richardson
Producer Archie Tait
Writer John Flanagan
Writer Andrew McCulloch
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