The Rod of Asclepius

Series 4 - Episode 6 The Rod of Asclepius



There are five more of these superior murder mysteries based on GK Chesterton’s stories about the crime-solving priest to enjoy before Doctors returns.

Here Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) regrets accepting a lift from Lady Felicia (Nancy Carroll) after her new sports car veers off the road into a tree. The women end up in adjoining beds at the local cottage hospital, much to Lady Felicia’s discomfort.

Meanwhile, at the presbytery, Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Sid’s (Alex Price) newfound freedom is cut short by the arrival of the formidable Mrs Steele (Gillian Bevan) as locum parish secretary and the suspicious news that a routine operation at the hospital has inexplicably gone wrong.


Lady Felicia's reckless driving lands her in the next hospital bed to Mrs McCarthy - with a killer on the loose. Mystery, starring Nancy Carroll and Sorcha Cusack.

Cast & Crew

Father Brown Mark Williams
Lady Felicia Nancy Carroll
Mrs McCarthy Sorcha Cusack
Sgt Goodfellow John Burton
Insp Mallory Jack Deam
Sid Carter Alex Price
Matron Baxter Sarah Ball
Peggy Fletcher Rachel Teate
Sir Malcolm Braithwaite Dominic Mafham
Flora Honeywell Faye Castelow
Mrs Steele Gillian Bevan
Dr Tony Fairfax Ben Mansfield
Mrs Garrity Jules Woodman
Albert Garrity John Branwell
Director David Beauchamp
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Caroline Slater
Writer Jude Tindall
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