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Series 3 - Episode 3



As the wind howls across the coarse Shetland landscape, people are dying all over the place. No wonder detective Jimmy Perez looks worried – so many victims, so few police officers.

He’s not helped by the dead hand of some unseen power deciding that there are things about one of the victims that he must not know. And Jimmy is not happy, so he prevails upon his boss (a cross-looking Julie Graham) to free him of all constraints.

Soon the investigation leads Jimmy (Douglas Henshall) to the mainland, to Glasgow, where he ends up, incongruously, in a bridal shop. This is before he gets on the wrong side of a load of bull-necked Glasgow hard men.

It’s a spiky mystery that quickly becomes enveloped in the stench of conspiracy and cover-up. But there’s still time for some fun, when Jimmy meets a comely copper, played by The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi.


Matters take an unexpected turn when prime suspect Michael Maguire is found dead in what appears to be a professional hit. Perez and Tosh head to Glasgow, trying to break a wall of silence regarding the details behind Maguire's demise and its connection with Robbie Morton. Perez is shaken after receiving a veiled threat from gangster Arthur McCall, but evidence gleaned from Michael Thompson's apartment in Shetland gives a new trail to follow. Meanwhile, Sandy makes an important breakthrough. Douglas Henshall and Alison O'Donnell star.

Cast & Crew

DI Jimmy Perez Douglas Henshall
Asha Israni Archie Panjabi
Phyllis Brennan Anna Chancellor
Rhona Kelly Julie Graham
Leanne Randall Sara Vickers
DC Sandy Wilson Steven Robertson
DS Alison `Tosh' McIntosh Alison O'Donnell
Sgt Billy McCabe Lewis Howden
Freya Galdie Saskia Reeves
Michael Maguire Ciaran Hinds
Eric the Boatman John Stahl
Ben Brennan Edward Corrie
Mike Gillan Liam Brennan
Arthur McCall James Cosmo
Tommy Monro Mark Cox
Logan Brandon Scott
Cassie Perez Erin Armstrong
Edison Benjamin Cawley
Alice Barbara Rafferty
George Finlay Welsh
Bella Colette O'Neil
Jenny Marnie Baxter
Craig Cooper Jack Greenlees
Cora Mclean Anne Kidd
Mrs Whelan Caroline Guthrie
Headteacher Crispin Letts
Bridal shop owner Fletcher Mathers
Arthur's heavy Paul Donnelly
Director Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Producer Eric Coulter
Writer Gaby Chiappe
Writer Robert Murphy
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