The Supervet

Series 5 - Episode 1



Halfway through a ground-breaking operation on Henry, a cute cockapoo puppy that’s broken its neck, veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick reflects that the surgery “does have similarities with defusing a bomb”. While the charismatic Noel is someone who “dreams big”, he has to be more inventive than ever to fix this injury.

No less challenging for him is straightening rescue dog Geoffrey’s wonky front legs and replacing cat MK’s knee joint, injured after falling out of a window. And this from the man who admits he can’t put up a shelf or repair a door: “I’m crap at DIY. If it doesn’t bleed or bark or miaow, I’m useless.”


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick performs a risky procedure to save the life of an 18-week-old cockapoo puppy that has fractured its neck following an accident in the garden. He also comes to the aid of Romanian stray Geoffrey, who was found abandoned and emaciated before being adopted by Kent couple John and Stacey, and an accident-prone cat called MK who has fallen from a window.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Noel Fitzpatrick
Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Series Producer Sophie Waldron