Dirty Len

Series 12 - Episode 7 Dirty Len



The police leap into action when a labourer at the Kirkbys' farm dies of strychnine poisoning, believing a killer is on the loose. As the finger of suspicion moves from one villager to another, the scene is set for tragedy. Meanwhile, the Ashfordly Rotary Club pensioners head for the seaside town of Whitby - but David's mangy mutt Alfred proves to be something of a liability.

Cast & Crew

PC Mike Bradley Jason Durr
PC Alf Ventress William Simons
PC Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon
Oscar Blaketon Derek Fowlds
Dr Tricia Summerbee Clare Calbraith
Sgt Dennis Merton Duncan Bell
Bernie Scripps Peter Benson
David Stockwell David Lonsdale
Gina Ward Tricia Penrose
Mr Kirby Jack Smethurst
Mrs Kirby Avril Elgar
Celia Beresford Clare Clifford
Harriet Beresford Laura Bradd
Amanda Beresford Molly Shevlin
Jenny Latimer Sarah Tansey
Fred Caldwell Patrick Godfrey
Andrew Lawrence Noel Fitzpatrick
Director Albert Barber
Producer Gerry Mill
Writer Jane Hollowood
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