The Open Door

Series 18 - Episode 22 The Open Door



Sergeant Nokes arrives to take charge after a lorry driver is savagely beaten and his consignment of condemned meat is stolen on the way to the incinerator, causing a health alert in Aidensfield. Peggy gets involved when she is asked to house-sit Mrs Grant's mansion and takes advantage of the opportunity to run a makshift B&B, only to find herself under arrest for handling stolen goods.

Cast & Crew

Norman Peter Toon
Terry Steven Hillman
Steve Ben Elliot
David Stockwell David Lonsdale
Peggy Armstrong Gwen Taylor
Mrs Grant Janice McKenzie
PC Joe Mason Joe McFadden
Carol Cassidy Lisa Kay
Alf Ventress William Simons
PC Don Wetherby Rupert Ward-Lewis
PC Geoff Younger Steven Blakeley
Edna Freda Dowie
Gina Bellamy Tricia Penrose
Bernie Scripps Peter Benson
Dawn Bellamy Nikki Sanderson
Sgt Nokes Georgie Glen
Alice Howarth Marie Critchley
Hardcastle Lorenzo Martelli
Oscar Blaketon Derek Fowlds
Director Tim Dowd
Producer Keith Richardson
Writer Jonathan Critchley
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