South of the Border - Part Dos

Series 2 - Episode 11 South of the Border - Part Dos



Part two of two. The mission to bring Catalina back from Mexico goes awry when Earl is kidnapped and Randy is asked to pose as a couple's dead son for the night. Meanwhile, Joy's anger-management medication proves a success, but Darnell prefers the hell-raiser he remembers.

Cast & Crew

Earl Hickey Jason Lee
Joy Turner Jaime Pressly
Randy Hickey Ethan Suplee
Darnell Turner Eddie Steeples
Catalina Nadine Velazquez
Diego John Leguizamo
David Hayes Jimmi Simpson
Dodge Louis T Moyle
Earl Jr Trey Carlisle
Tina Hayes Susan Foley
Maria Shelley Morrison
Pedro Jesus Perez
Catalina's brother Ray Santiago
Bandit 1 Emilio Rivera
Elderly man Joaquin Garrido
Director Marc Buckland
Writer Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
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