What a Performance! Pioneers of Popular Entertainment

Variety Finds a New Home

Series 1 - Episode 3 Variety Finds a New Home



Suzy Klein and Frank Skinner conclude their hands-on history of popular British entertainment. If you don’t mind the chummy flippancy (that Phil and Kirstie thing of cheerily bickering on the voiceover – stop it!) and the indulgence of Klein and Skinner having a go at everything, it’s a stirring nostalgia trip that gets under performers’ skins rather than merely eulogising them.

While Skinner builds up to a performance as Max Miller and Klein learns to be all three Andrews Sisters, the pair also have a crack at skiffle, and Wilson, Keppel and Betty’s sand dance. And Barry Cryer tells an A1 anecdote about a man being thrown out of the Windmill Club for bringing binoculars.


Frank Skinner and Suzy Klein examine what happened to British entertainment during the Second World War and beyond, as it faced challenges from the US and TV. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Frank Skinner
Presenter Suzy Klein
Director Kim Lomax
Executive Producer Jamie Isaacs
Executive Producer Claire Whalley
Writer Kim Lomax
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