Reggie Yates's Extreme UK: Men at War

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Reggie Yates's Extreme UK: Men at War

Series 1



In the second film of the series, Reggie Yates is exploring the men’s rights movement, which this lady reviewer struggles to sympathise with – as does, fortunately, a baffled Yates.

The tone is set when Yates meets Roosh V – a sort-of pick-up artist/professional provocateur – at a London talk about endangered masculinity. Poor old men, says Roosh, “have to be taught how not to rape by feminists who are really fat”.

Yates listens politely to all of the activists he meets — to be fair, they’re not all as odious as Roosh — but he spots a flaw in their tactics: “It’s not about making young men feel that they have value; it’s about making young women feel like they have none.”


Reggie meets the angry young British men who think feminism has gone too far, inlcuding those espousing men's rights at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, an underground online movement of male separatists and self-styled pick-up artist Roosh V, who dishes out advice on how to have more sex with women. Reggie quickly discovers how dark this world can be - from the men trolling feminists online to the influential agitators advising how to change a woman's mind when she says `no'.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Reggie Yates
Director Roeland Doust
Executive Producer Sam Anthony
Producer Richie Carr