The Supervet

Series 4 - Episode 2



Cats or dogs? Most of the staff at Noel Fitzpatrick’s veterinary practice struggle to decide which they prefer, although the scratches and bites they get from Buggy, a scared and angry kitten with deformed leg joints, probably tips the balance towards canines. Bodie, a Polish sheepdog with a painfully shattered elbow joint that needs a custom-made implant, is a much friendlier prospect.

Unusually, one of the emergency cases rushed in is a cat belonging to one of the nurses. Icicle was found in her owner’s garden suffering fits and the team suspects she’s been poisoned. The neurologist’s treatment – regular doses of intravenous vodka – surprises even the unorthodox Noel.


Senior neurologist Dr Colin Driver comes up with an unconventional solution to treat a nurse's cat, which has been rushed into the surgery after being poisoned. The owners of a rare Polish sheepdog with a failed fracture repair on a broken leg are faced with the option of having the leg removed, or trying an innovative total elbow replacement. Plus, a self-confessed `crazy cat lady' brings in a ginger tom which urgently needs leg surgery.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Series Producer Sophie Waldron