The Murder Detectives

The Murder Detectives

Series 1 - Episode 2



Detectives hunting the killer of 19-year-old Nicholas Robinson, stabbed to death near a Bristol hostel, have a name and a suspect. But the wanted man has caught a plane to New York and, effectively, vanished. “He could be on the run for years,” observes one rueful officer.

In the second part of this gripping documentary series, which at times feels like the most nightmarish television drama (and that isn’t meant to sound trite) DCI Andy Bevan, who’s leading the inquiry, invites Nicholas’s father Carlos to address the murder team. “I thought that boy would bury me, not me bury him,” he tells the solemn faces.

Officers comb internet histories and phone records, there are arrests – and then there is news from America.

Concludes tomorrow.


As the documentary following the investigation into Nicholas Robinson's murder continues, Avon and Somerset Police have a prime suspect, 19-year-old Luchiano Barnes, who grew up in St Paul's, Bristol. Unfortunately the police are 48 hours behind, and he has fled the UK on a flight to New York. The Bristol detectives must start looking closer to home to see if they can gather evidence and find a motive before he hopefully returns.

Cast & Crew

Director Dave Nath
Executive Producer Neil Grant
Producer Bart Corpe