Series 6 - Episode 12



You know a programme is part of the fabric of our TV viewing when its cast keeps changing and yet we still love it. Four million of us have been watching Gogglebox despite the notable absence of regulars Steph and Dom (presumably promoting other TV shows and books or possibly just under a table somewhere).

Strangely, it’s when one member of the family isn’t on the sofa that we worry most. In a recent edition Umar Siddiqui wasn’t sitting with dad Sid and brother Baasit: Was he ill? Had he popped out to the shops? Had they argued? Amy was absent from the Tapper sofa in that edition too, but maybe she was just doing her homework.


The nation's favourite armchair critics share their opinions on the TV shows of November, 2015, taking a look at Adele at the BBC, Ireland with Simon Reeve, Doctor in the House, The Last Kingdom, The Great Pottery Throw Down, The Supervet and the News.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Chantal Boyle
Executive Producer Tania Alexander