The Quiet Night In

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Quiet Night In

Sat 10 Oct 7:20pm - 8pm W
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Sun 11 Oct, 6:20pm - 7pm W


Ben takes his talent for lying to a new level, while Pete finds himself being questioned about his SAS training and friendship with then prime minister Gordon Brown. Meanwhile, Sue arranges a romantic night at home, but her plans could be scuppered if Karen's friend and her mother are still hanging around.

Cast & Crew

Sue Claire Skinner
Pete Hugh Dennis
Angela Samantha Bond
Jake Tyger Drew-Honey
Ben Daniel Roche
Karen Ramona Marquez
Alexa Danni Benattar
Kate Matilda Ziegler
Mark Sagar Arya
Jane Hattie Morahan
Jehovah's Witness Ellen Thomas
Director Andy Hamilton
Director Guy Jenkin
Executive Producer Jon Rolph
Producer Andy Hamilton
Producer Guy Jenkin
Writer Andy Hamilton
Writer Guy Jenkin
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