Britain's Biggest Bank Job: The £100 Million Grab

Britain's Biggest Bank Job: The £100 Million Grab

Series 1



“Let Sherlock Holmes try to solve this!” was the message robbers sprayed on the vault of the Lloyds Bank branch in Baker Street in September 1971, having just pulled off an extraordinary heist. The first of a new series about great robberies looks at a crime that still rattles with rumours and unanswered questions.

There was speculation – fuelled by unusual secrecy shrouding the investigation – that as well as the £500,000 they took from safety deposit boxes, the robbers had found compromising pictures of Princess Margaret. The doc looks at further allegations of police corruption and the logistics of the robbery itself – carried out by tunnelling under a restaurant, and nearly rumbled when an amateur radio ham overheard chatter between the robbers and their lookout.


Documentary examining the nation's most memorable robberies, beginning with the events surrounding the Baker Street robbery in September 1971, when a gang of criminals broke into the vault of a branch of Lloyds bank and cleaned out the safety-deposit boxes. The programme examines how the culprits tunnelled under one of London's busiest streets for three months without detection and reveals how they came within inches of being caught.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Andra Heritage
Executive Producer David Arrowsmith
Series Producer Guy Templeton