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Middle Muddle

Series 13 - Episode 7 Middle Muddle



We’re about halfway through the run, and whether it’s pre-emptive nostalgia for departing host Stephen Fry or not, it has felt like a bit of a resurgence from the slight stagnation the series had been suffering.

Appropriately enough, the theme is “Middle Muddle” and contains a mishmash of random conversations, from monkey midlife crises to an inspired impression by Jimmy Carr of a ventriloquist’s dummy.

Still, as ever it’s the revelations of incredible trivia that stand out, whether it’s a jaw-dropping health fad for Australians with rheumatism or the handicaps German men were forced to give themselves to engage in trial by combat with women. Funny and enriching stuff.


Question master Stephen Fry muddles through the middle show of the middle series as comedians Jimmy Carr, Aisling Bea and Danny Bhoy compete alongside resident panellist Alan Davies. As usual, points are awarded for the answers the host finds most interesting, regardless of whether or not they are correct.

Cast & Crew

Host Stephen Fry
Panellist Alan Davies
Panellist Aisling Bea
Panellist Danny Bhoy
Panellist Jimmy Carr
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer John Lloyd
Producer Piers Fletcher
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