Series 2 - Episode 1



John Simm starred in the first series of Chris Lunt’s thriller, and Prey returns with Simm’s old Life on Mars mucker Philip Glenister in the lead role. He’s a different character though in a similar situation, an innocent man on the run from the law.

Luckily for Glenister’s decent prison officer David Murdoch, he’s pursued by the unimaginative Detective Sergeant Susan Reinhardt (Rosie Cavaliero). Reinhardt, who last year was stalking her ex-husband, has a new man in her life. She has a new sidekick, too – an irritating, cocky kid who takes selfies at crime scenes.

So you’ll probably be on the side of Murdoch if not sulky prisoner Jules (Myanna Buring). The two are stuck with each other when David’s pregnant daughter is abducted. If he wants to see her again, he has to spring Jules from jail. Though energetic and workmanlike, it’s hard to care.


Prison officer David Murdoch who is forced to go on the run with a female prisoner when his daughter is kidnapped. DS Reinhardt has a new prey in her sights - but she is unaware of the threat against Murdoch. Starring Philip Glenister, Rosie Cavaliero and MyAnna Buring.

Cast & Crew

David Murdoch Philip Glenister
Susan Reinhardt Rosie Cavaliero
Jules Hope MyAnna Buring
Richard Iddon Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
DCI Mike Ward Ralph Ineson
Jeff Crabtree Kevin Harvey
Lucy Murdoch Sammy Winward
Phil Prentice Kieran O'Brien
PO Carol Emma Bispham
Taxi driver Joe Simpson
Rizla David Judge
Chrissy Lisa Millett
Graham Keegan Alexis Platt
Radiographer Nicola Lawrence
Spencer Helen Kay
DC Gibbons Dan Jillings
Doctor Keeler Rani Moorthy
Director Joanne Dakin
Sally Sandra Yin-Mai
Director Lewis Arnold
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Chris Lunt
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