The Cutter

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Cutter



There’s been much talk about whether this monster mash is too scary for kids. It is – scheduling it early on a Sunday evening is a crass misjudgement – but the bigger problem for little ones might be boredom, when the hideous ghouls are off screen.

In episode three the younger Jekyll (Tom Bateman) is still ploughing through his family history, essentially in search of the original Jekyll premise. It’s as if we’re stalling until the decision is made about what our changeable hero is actually here to do. Eventually, he gets into a grim punch-up with a demonic human crustacean, but before that there’s a lot of talking and not enough capering.


Robert becomes determined to rid himself of his alter ego, and as he falls in love with Lily, he resolves to keep Hyde a secret from her. In desperation, he takes some of the potions he finds in his grandfather's laboratory. Garson tells Robert that his grandmother may still be alive, and he sets off in search of her - but Captain Dance is also trying to track her down.

Cast & Crew

Robert Jekyll Tom Bateman
Garson Donald Sumpter
Bella Natalie Gumede
Lily Stephanie Hyam
Capt Dance Enzo Cilenti
Max Utterson Christian McKay
Ravi Michael Karim
Fedora Natasha O'Keeffe
Maggie Hope Sinead Cusack
Bulstrode Richard E Grant
Young Garson Sam Swann
One Eye Ricky Champ
Silas Tony Way
Adelie Amy Bowden
Young Maggie Kendall Niamh Walsh
Brannigan Amit Shah
The Harbinger Dee Tails
The Cutter Jason La Shard
Sackler Tom Rhys Harries
Hannigan Phil McKee
Gabriel Utterson Angus Wright
Hills Ruby Bentall
Herath Banda Nadika Aluwihare
Weasel Mohamed Adamaly
Chauffeur Nick Moss
Tattooed prisoner Lionel Sampath
Colonial police officer Jonathan Wright
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer Charlie Higson
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Series Producer Foz Allan
Writer Charlie Higson
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