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The Hardest Challenge

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Hardest Challenge



This breathtaking 2015 natural-history series, made by long-term Attenborough collaborator Alastair Fothergill, was devoted to the life-or-death part of wildlife television where a predator closes on its prey.
The aim is not to wow us with blood and guts, but to make us empathise with leopards, crocs, falcons and cheetahs as the hardest working animals on the planet. The odds are always against them, it keeps reminding us: most hunts fail.
The cameras capture those moments of failure nicely, including a great stand-off between two wildebeest and a pack of wild dogs. But there are killer sequences, too, including an extraordinary drama in three acts as orcas try to separate a humpback whale from its mother.


The challenges predators face as they stalk their prey, and revealing how it is far more common for hunts to end in failure. The first episode demonstrates how leopards use stealth and concealment to get close to their prey, while African wild dogs have to work as a team. The programme also features footage of killer whales, which rely on their intelligence, Nile crocodiles that can wait years between meals, spiders able to spin 25 foot webs and amur falcons, which travel 16,000 miles every year to hunt insects. Narrated by David Attenborough.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer Alastair Fothergill
Producer Huw Cordey
Series Producer Huw Cordey