Pointless Celebrities


Series 8 - Episode 8 Halloween



Presumably this week’s celebrities were chosen because they didn’t mind getting dressed up in what are, frankly, gruesome costumes. It is – of course – a Halloween edition so they’re all skeletons, witches, devils or Dracula.

Among them are Jedward (larking about like annoyingly naughty, chatty schoolboys), Louie Spence (rather endearingly describing himself as a short, high-kicking homosexual with a speech impediment) and Chico (who clearly hasn’t got the hang of the rules despite having appeared on the show before). There aren’t many spooky questions but if you manage a pointless answer to the Greek round, you’re obviously a demon at this game.


Alexander Armstrong hosts an edition based on the subject of Halloween, as Ruth Madoc, Russell Grant, Jedward, Louie Spence, Rory McGrath, Linda Lusardi and Chico try to come up with the least likely correct answers to a series of questions posed to members of the public. Richard Osman is the man with the answers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alexander Armstrong
Co-host Richard Osman
Executive Producer Michelle Woods
Executive Producer James Fox
Executive Producer Richard Hague
Series Producer John Ryan
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