Alexander Armstrong's Land of the Midnight Sun

Alexander Armstrong's Land of the Midnight Sun

Series 1 - Episode 3



“I think I’ve caught gold fever,” says Alexander Armstrong as he travels across the Yukon territories of northern Canada. He’s spent a few minutes “shafting”, which is apparently something to do with prospecting for gold, before spending the night in a former house of ill repute and taking the Sour Toe Cocktail challenge.

The final leg of his 8,000-mile journey is a bit of a scramble – he hops from plane to four-wheel-drive to dog sled to helicopter to plane again– but you have to admire his willingness to try everything, whether eating beaver or stripping off in sub-zero temperatures to wallow in hot springs.


The presenter continues his epic 8,000-mile journey halfway around the Arctic Circle deep in mid-winter. On the third and final leg of his odyssey, he begins in Northern Canada before travelling into the icy wilderness of Alaska. Along the way, Alexander meets people who have headed north to discover adventure and seek their fortune, as well as digging for gold with modern day prospectors. He also takes on the challenge of driving up one of the deadliest roads in the world, before concluding his travels on the international dateline between America and Russia. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jeremy Phillips
Series Director Dominic Ozanne
Series Producer Jamie Batten