Facta Non Verba

Series 7 - Episode 7 Facta Non Verba



Sigourney Weaver makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo when she strides into Portwenn’s chemist. An American tourist with ancestral connections to Cornwall, she wants to buy eye-drops to treat her glaucoma, so inevitably she meets Dr Ellingham. “Your accent is very thick. I can’t understand what you’re saying,” he snaps when she suggests a smile would help. Maybe his curmudgeonly manner is the reason for the brevity of her visit.

Another new arrival is young teacher Erica (Kelly Adams), who upsets the children with her unorthodox approach to art. When she’s not fainting, that is. Meanwhile, Martin and Louise are still having marriage counselling with Dr Timoney (who’s behaving rather strangely herself) and there’s a real “ahhhh” moment when Joe is offered a transfer to the big city. Well, to Exeter. Will anyone care if he goes or if he stays?


Louisa is not best pleased when her new art teacher Erica wants to try out some rather alternative ideas on the children, while Dr Timoney is involved in a car accident outside the school. Penhale is confused when he is offered a transfer to Exeter, Bert decides to go back to being a handyman, and Louisa and Martin are intrigued when Dr Timoney invites them for an additional therapy session. Plus, an American tourist seeks help from the GP. Comedy drama, with a cameo appearance by Sigourney Weaver.

Cast & Crew

Dr Martin Ellingham Martin Clunes
Louisa Ellingham Caroline Catz
American tourist Sigourney Weaver
Bert Large Ian McNeice
Ruth Ellingham Eileen Atkins
Al Large Joe Absolom
Morwenna Newcross Jessica Ransom
PC Joe Penhale John Marquez
Janice Robyn Addison
Dr Rachel Timoney Emily Bevan
Mrs Tishell Selina Cadell
Becky Trevean Ella Ainsworth
Erica Holbrooke Kelly Adams
Bernie Holbrooke Beatrice Playfoot-Orme
Annie Winton Gemma Jones
Jim Winton Nicholas Lumley
Insp Salter Steve Furst
Man in street Jason Squibb
Mother Poppy Roe
Director Ben Gregor
Executive Producer Mark Crowdy
Producer Philippa Braithwaite
Writer Richard Stoneman
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Drama Comedy