Pointless Celebrities


Series 8 - Episode 7 Music

Tomorrow 7pm - 8pm Challenge


An edition of absolute extremes with one musical pair scoring maximum points in an early round while another couple frustratingly give so many one-point answers they plead to have the rules changed. No such luck of course.

Among the celebs is H from Steps who explains his nickname is short for hyperactive. “That’s why we call you W,” Richard Osman tells Alexander Armstrong. “W for wicked?” asks Xander hopefully. If you want to impress your family, you might care to brush up on your knowledge of crisp flavours before watching.

Sinitta, Jaymi from Union J, Esther and Vernie from Eternal, Claire from Steps, Tony Christie and Ben from A1 also take part.


Alexander Armstrong hosts an edition based on the subject of music, as Sinitta, Jaymi Hensley, Vernie Bennett, Easther Bennett, Claire Richards, Ian 'H' Watkins, Tony Christie and Ben Adams try to come up with the least likely correct answers to a series of questions posed to members of the public. Richard Osman is the man with the answers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alexander Armstrong
Co-host Richard Osman
Executive Producer Michelle Woods
Executive Producer James Fox
Executive Producer Richard Hague
Series Producer John Ryan
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