Alaska: The Last Frontier

Big Changes

Series 5 - Episode 1 Big Changes

Tomorrow 8am - 9am DMAX


Next time you want to complain about crowded commuter trains or traffic jams, spare a thought for the Kilchers. They’re a family who came to a particularly remote part of Alaska from Switzerland 70 years ago and have been eking out a living off the land ever since, farming and hunting.

In this episode, some of the family are heading to a remote hunter’s cabin to build a new, bear-proof homestead – which brings a whole new set of challenges, mainly mud (thanks, global warming) and a recalcitrant chainsaw. The Kilchers are an engaging bunch, practical and, generally, cheerful. The natural world is enough of a foe out here – little need to turn on your nearest and dearest.


The Kilchers face the threat of climate change, and after another winter of record temperatures, life on the homestead appears to be changing and everything is in flux.