The Calyx

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Calyx



This week’s oddly misjudged pre-watershed moment is a scene where a live toad is placed into somebody’s empty eye socket. Yes, I know – it’s actually a neat, creepy idea (the creature gives you second sight) but too spicy for the timeslot.

It’s also typical of the way J&H is elaborately imagined and full of quirky details. The trouble is that the plot is weighed down by talky scenes and Jekyll saying “There’s still so much that I need to find out”, like some school swot behind on his genealogy homework.

At least things come to a tense, all-action climax tonight, as we learn about über-monster Lord Trash and the dusty antique jar that holds his heart.


Maggie has developed sepsis, and Robert and his friends work tirelessly to find a cure. Garson makes an unexpected discovery about the Jekyll family's curse that could hold the key to saving her life. Dance sets his trap, making Robert a tempting offer in return for his help. However, their encounter is disrupted by Bulstrode and a gunfight ensues.

Cast & Crew

Robert Jekyll Tom Bateman
Garson Donald Sumpter
Bella Natalie Gumede
Lily Stephanie Hyam
Capt Dance Enzo Cilenti
Max Utterson Christian McKay
Ravi Michael Karim
Fedora Natasha O'Keeffe
Maggie Hope Sinead Cusack
Bulstrode Richard E Grant
Keres Kirsten Foster
Olalla Wallis Day
Sir Marian Carew Tim Woodward
Silas Tony Way
Hannigan Phil McKee
Sackler Tom Rhys Harries
Mr Wax Oliver Gilbert
Hills Ruby Bentall
Harry Hubert Burton
Brannigan Amit Shah
Adelie Amy Bowden
Billy `Beef' Wellington Tom Davis
Chauffeur Nick Moss
Director Joss Agnew
Executive Producer Charlie Higson
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Series Producer Foz Allan
Writer Charlie Higson
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