One for Sorrow - Part Two

Series 9 - Episode 2 One for Sorrow - Part Two



In this 2015 episode, Lewis’s new boss, the sharp-suited fast-tracker who replaced cosy Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent, is annoying Robbie, our dependable old-timer. He feels surplus to requirements in this modern world – but then hasn’t he always? – and bridles when the boss insists upon being called “Joe” and not “sir”.

But never mind, who needs modern thinking when Lewis sees through all the flummery and knows how to catch a killer. His brain still ticks over nicely and he even gets a bit philosophical when he announces: “Life’s just a series of moments, that’s all there is.” Crikey!

Lewis is drawn once more very uncomfortably into the world of modern art as he investigates the death of a taxidermist.


Part two of two. Despite encountering suspicion from new Chief Superintendent Joe Moody, it seems Lewis's decision to come out of retirement could not have come at a better moment for Oxfordshire Police. The murder of the young avant-garde artist Talika Desai is linked to the unidentified human remains discovered in the well, and the subsequent investigation takes Lewis, Hathaway and the team deep into a world of drugs, social media, alternative art and the growing Eastern European homeless community. Crime drama, starring Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox and Steve Toussaint.

Cast & Crew

DI Lewis Kevin Whately
DI Hathaway Laurence Fox
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Ch Supt Moody Steve Toussaint
DS Lizzie Maddox Angela Griffin
Bryony Willet Emma Cunniffe
Philip Hathaway Nicholas Jones
Sean Wilkinson Ralf Little
Ian Tedman Steve Pemberton
Jasper Hammond Tim Pigott-Smith
Ollie Tedman Finn Cole
Jenny March Andreea Paduraru
Nell Hathaway Sally Scott
Vivienne Tedman Helen Schlesinger
Joan Doreen Mantle
Sahira Desai Naomi Scott
Talika Desai Shanaya Rafaat
Darren Paul Bigley
Doctor Robin McCallum
Director Nick Laughland
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Helen Jenkins
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