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Life Expectancy

Series 12 - Episode 9 Life Expectancy



It’s the penultimate episode of New Tricks! An empire is in its twilight days. But it’s business as usual at Ucos with an unremarkable case about a herbalist killed in 2008 and his murder weapon (a phrenology bust) turning up in the grave of a woman he treated.

But hang on, one of the suspects (played by David Haig) is into cryogenics, which leads to much talk of “re-animating the dead in the future”. Might this be some kind of coded message from the writers? Although as Ted (Larry Lamb) comments, as far as he’s concerned, “If your time’s up, that’s it.” And sadly, for Ucos, it very nearly is.


The penultimate episode sees the retired detectives investigating possibly their most difficult cold case yet. A bloodstained bust is uncovered during construction work in a cemetery and the evidence points to the murder of an alternative-medicine practitioner seven years earlier. Further clues lead to the controversial world of cryopreservation - the practice of keeping clinically dead patients frozen to extend their life cycle. Sasha is determined they don't put a foot wrong - but with the sobering possibility that two perpetrators are still at large, the detectives are forced to go out on a limb.

Cast & Crew

Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
Danny Griffin Nicholas Lyndhurst
Sasha Miller Tamzin Outhwaite
Ted Case Larry Lamb
Dr Douglas Henway David Haig
Fiona Kennedy Tracy-Ann Oberman
Cynthia Kline Geraldine Somerville
Evan Langley Ramon Tikaram
Angela Morris Denise Gough
Director David Innes Edwards
Executive Producer Myar Craig-Brown
Producer Huw Kennair-Jones
Writer Tahsin Guner
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