Parks and Recreation

Correspondent's Lunch

Series 5 - Episode 15 Correspondent's Lunch

Thursday 5pm - 5:30pm NOW TV Sky Comedy
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Thursday, 5pm - 5:30pm Sky Comedy
Sat 31 Oct, 4:30pm - 5pm Sky Comedy
Sat 31 Oct, 4:30pm - 5pm NOW TV Sky Comedy


Leslie is excited to be speaking at a luncheon for journalists, but when an obnoxious tabloid reporter steals her jokes, she sets out to get revenge. Ben is unsure how to handle his new job running a charity for the Sweetums company, but then he gets some ideas from Andy. Comedy, starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones and Nick Offerman.

Cast & Crew

Leslie Knope Amy Poehler
Ron Swanson Nick Offerman
Ann Perkins Rashida Jones
Tom Haverford Aziz Ansari
April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza
Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt
Ben Wyatt Adam Scott
Chris Traeger Rob Lowe
Jerry Gergich Jim O'Heir
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